What Server Should I Play On?


Staff member
A common question players have is which server is the best to play on? The choice is totally yours! They are all great servers, with friendly players like yourself. Here's some more info on each server to help you make up your mind!

Iron World
Before there was a hub, before 1d1d, gold and emerald, there was Iron. This is our oldest server, with the oldest world, but has a deep rooted and dedicated community. It has some of the most interesting creations on the entire server! It's a great place for new players to come and join in the fun.

This is a semi-vanilla server with some extra features to help enhance the overall experience! Features include an economy, auction house, pets, free ranks, and quests! You should choose Iron if you want to join in an established community, with an ever developing world!

Emerald World

This is our newest server, and it functions exactly like Iron but with a different seed and a newer community! The community here is more tight-nit, but always welcoming to new players and eager to see new faces. Features are the same as Iron with an economy, auction house, pets, free ranks and quests. You should choose Emerald if you want to join a new community with a fresh world!

Gold World
Our second oldest server with a very unique history. Gold is truly one of a kind. With similar features to Iron / Emerald but also 200+ Custom Enchants, Monsters that get more difficult as you progress, and MCMMO (skills). Gold is a very fun experience and has something fresh and new to offer to every type of Minecraft player. You should choose Gold if you want a Survival experience that is unique and fresh.

1Death1Day (1d1d)

This server is our most vanilla Minecraft server, though we still have an economy and auction house here. It's simply Minecraft, but if you die you are banned from 1d1d for 24 hours! You can still join the other servers. You should choose 1d1d if you want a hardcore vanilla survival multiplayer experience.