Iron World 1.17 Update!


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Greeting Adventurers,
I'll cut to the chase and say the Iron Server has been updated to 1.17! Some features are temporarily disabled as we work had to continue to convert plugins to the new version of Minecraft. We've also expanded the worldborder from 15k to 17k! Emerald and Gold will be getting their own updates very soon!

Here are some features that needed to be temporarily disabled that will return soon!
  • Pets (/pet)
  • /anvil
  • Grapple Hooks
  • Some holograms may be broken
  • Kit PvP
Please let us know if something else isn't working by submitting a Ticket on Discord!
Thank you for your patience as we hammer these issues out!

Emerald and Gold will be getting updates very soon. Gold has a few more plugins than Iron and Emerald, so please bare with us! Emerald will be receiving an entirely new overworld, with claims transferred over.

That's about it! Have fun with the new Caves and Cliffs Update!
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