Custom Rank Tutorial + Rules


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Players who have obtained the Custom Rank are able to change their rank name with /customrank once a month -- Here are the general rules and guidelines.

How To Change Custom Rank
/customrank <Rank Name> <Left Bracket Color> <Right Bracket Color>
Example: /customrank &5Epic&6Gamer &2 &3
!! Make sure you are absolutely sure you want to commit to your rank before running the command !!
Once you change it, you have to keep it for a month!

Color Codes

Custom Rank Name Rules

Custom Rank Names May Not...

- Exceed 13 Characters - It is possible to go past 13 with the command, but not permitted. Extra characters are so you can add colors.
- Contain racist, homophobic or sexist language
- Contain words like "Helper, Admin, Builder, GOD, Owner" or any language that would make someone believe you are staff.
- Contain religious or political language
- Contain sexual or adult language
- Contain obscene language or profanity
- Contain Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, Underline or &k.
- Spaces
- Submit a support ticket asking to change your rank name sooner than a month.

Custom Ranks MAY
- Contain Symbols such as , ◆, etc...
- Contain Colors
- Contain Non-letter characters @ / - _~
- Submit a support ticket if you made a big mistake with your custom rank.

Repeat violations and abuse will result in the removal of the /customrank command, and you will only be able to set your rank via support tickets.

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