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Thank you for your interest in becoming staff on Minecraft Forever! Currently you can only apply to be a Helper. Please read this carefully before submitting the application.

Guidelines to Applying For Staff
1. You must have played on the server for at least a month before applying.
2. You must be known in the community, and active on the Discord.
3. You must have a good reputation, and a clean ban record.
4. You must be at least 17+
5. You should not feel "entitled" to be staff
6. You should be applying because you genuinely love the server and want to help, not for a cool rank

Once you submit an application, we will review it when we are seeking new staff. DO NOT ask Vethyx, other staff, or submit report tickets asking about the status of your application, or why you didn't get accepted! It is nothing personal if you do not get selected, this is not a popularity contest.

How To Increase Chances Of Becoming Staff
These are ways to increase your chances, but still does not guarantee you will be staff. Ultimately that decision is up to Vethyx. Being staff isn't something you can work towards or earn. It's just a matter of luck and already being an excellent player!

1. Have the attitude of staff! Be helpful, friendly and active!
2. Be invested in the server! Have cool builds, host events, invite friends to the server!
3. Be respectful. Don't argue with staff or cause drama in the server.
4. Do not be easily offended - If you are, staff isn't for you. You will be dealing with very difficult people sometimes.
5. Don't annoy Vethyx or the other staff. It's important we have people that fit in well with the other staff. If you're already creating issues and drama, you probably won't be selected.
6. Do not complain or be negative!

If you're interested in becoming staff, please let us know! We review applications regularly.
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