1.18 World & Server Changes


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Hello Survivors!

Minecraft Forever is still alive and well, and we plan to be around for years and years to come! So, as such we're in the planning stages of what to do with our existing servers when 1.18 hits. Originally, I was going to re-generate the world while keeping claims like we did for 1.17. However, it seems that there is a significant chance that 1.18 will actually change the seed numbers. So, it no longer makes sense to do this.

Iron, Emerald & Gold Merge
After 1.18 hits, we will be begin merging Iron, Emerald and Gold to one new 1.18 World Server. We will be moving requested claimed, inventories and enderchests (Gold enchants will no longer work). The x and y position of your claim will most likely change! We may even allow you to request where you'd like your claim moved too, so if you'd like to be near your friends you may be able to do that!

Two New Servers
With Iron, Emerald and Gold merged, we will be launching two new 1.18 World Servers. One will be the tradition Iron/Emerald like experience but with a better economy. And the other (likely released later into 2022) will be a new blend of plugins, similar to Gold but much more fluid!

If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this thread!


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Can you make the world files able to be downloaded so the I can go back to my builds if I need to remember what I did? And if you have a back back will that inventory move as well? Looking forward to the new 1.18 update and new builds to come.