1.17 Caves and Cliff Update Plans!


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Hello all! As you know, 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Update will be launching on June 8th! Here's some things to know, and some things to expect.

1.17 Update
If you haven't been following, 1.17 is a pretty game-changing update. Introducing new creatures, ores, blocks and other cool features! It's also the first update that's separated into two. A "Summer Update" and a "Winter Update". The more dramatic world-changing features will be implemented in the Winter Update. The server must accommodate these changes if we want to continue to grow, stay relevant and attract new players. But, we also have a priority to respect our community and all of your hard work!

World Generation
The Summer Update will be adding a lot of new ore and blocks to the game! The Winter Update will update caves and cliffs.

What To Expect When 1.17 Comes Out
First, let me stress, that it will take several days for the server to update to 1.17. This is because Bukkit and Spiggot will need to update, and that can take time. Next, essential plugins will need to update. Some of this is beyond my control, but I will be working very hard to get the server to 1.17 as SOON as possible!

Iron & Gold

For the Summer Update, Iron and Gold will receive world border expansions. They might also receive resource worlds, we will play that be ear.

Emerald will receive a new, wiped, overworld -- If you'd like your base / claims transferred over to the new overworld, please put in a ticket on Discord! #help-and-support.
Additional Info
- You can save your claims by putting in a help and support ticket, and your stuff will be moved over. PLEASE DO THIS ASAP :)
- This is NOT a server wipe. It's an overworld wipe.
- You'll keep your money, inventory, claims (if you put in a ticket for them)
- Nether is not wiped, however portals may be affected.

Note: The reason we are doing this to Emerald and not the other servers is because Emerald is still our newest server, and has less claims. Moving claims over takes a tremendous amount of work, so it's much more of a realistic thing to do with Emerald at this time. That being said, don't let this discourage you from playing on Emerald in the meantime!


Sadly, 1d1d is our most unpopular server and we can no longer justify the resources it uses on the server. It will be removed from the Hub and will await a revamp to something that fits the community in a better way. The Discord channels will also be taken down. You can still play on and get to 1d1d with /1d1d for the time being - However it will not be supported. When we do revamp it, you'll be able to keep your items and claims!

That's all for now! Please take the time to read the post carefully before asking any questions.
Thank you!
- Vethyx
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