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  1. Ikky

    Hey there

    "vrooom bang tutututu pop pop pop" ... bhahahaha <3 Hi Robin
  2. Ikky

    Meme here

    Hi Meme
  3. Ikky

    Hi I'm Conor.

  4. Ikky

    Hi, I'm Elva

    Hi Elva! :D
  5. Ikky

    Feesh Transportation Shenanigans (Iron Zoo!)

    Community Event! Yall wanted more community events! Well, Iron Town Zoo needs YOU! Help us Sunday (around lunchtime GMT) to get the Guardian's from Ikky's Monument TO the new Guardian enclosure in Iron Town. We'll all join VC and since it's quite a distance it might take a while and several...
  6. Ikky

    Hi, I'm Vethyx.

    Hello, Vethyx!