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:pick: Hello Survivors!:fire:

Thank you everyone who voted in our last #feature-polls – Based on your feedback, I spent the past week working feverishly on adding quests into the game, as well as a number of other tweaks that will make the server feel smooth and crisp in the long run!

Quests To start a quest, use the new /quests command and click on an available quest. You can accept multiple quests at once! There’s no time limit on them, just accept and grind away. Each quest has a series of tiers, and each tier will give you rewards! More quests will be added soon, and Reward Chests and things to spend Mega Points on are still in the works. So stay tune!

Quest Crates Every quest you complete gives you a Quest Crate key! You can access the crates with /cc or /crates and win things like a “Flimsy Timb...

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